Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Twitter pic

Here's a new photo of Nicole Richie from Twitter.
She posed with Rachel Zoe and Katherine Power, creative director at



me1234 said...

3 fashionistas who are close friends :-)

Love this 3 ladys (most of all Nicole of course ;-) )
Love their individuell and creative styles!

I know RZ propably has an eating disorder and all that...but that´s her personal problem and not my business!
To me she´s a great stylist after all!

lani said...

^^ Yes Rachel Zoe is a really great stylist, but i fear she is going to die young and that will be a great loss to the fashion industry, her friends and mostly her husband roger who she will leave behind. It is hard to deny that RZ is looking worse than ever lately.

Anonymous said...

She is anorexic. That doesn't make her a bad person. It is an illness such as alcoholism. She does seem like a vapid, cold b*ch, but I would hang out with her :)