Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nicole Richie's styling secret

Since I found out that Miss Richie is using the Moroccan oil for her hair I did some research and here's what I found, if you guys are interested:
- it is available in shampoos and conditioners, styling sprays or in the 100% pure oil form
- the Moroccan Argan oil can benefit your hair in the following ways: restore shine, protect hair from UV damage, increase softness, nourishes the scalp, helps heal hair damaged by styling or coloring, reduces drying time 40-50%, provides long-term conditioning
- works well on all hair types
- it is alcohol free and doesn't add build up to the hair
- it has the unique quality of instant absorbtion into hair creating an instant shine without leaving an oily residue
- Morocconoil has become a hit among fashion and beauty insiders
- used by celebs like: Anna Paquin, Salma Hayek, Marion Cotillard, Carrie Underwood
- available in salons only, there are now eight Moroccanoil products including the original Moroccanoil treatment ($39), Moroccanoil hydrating styling cream ($30)) Moroccanoil intense curl cream ($30), Moroccanoil glimmer shine spray ($24), Moroccanoil intense hydrating mask ($31), Moroccanoil restorative hair mask ($39), Moroccanoil moisture repair shampoo ($18.80) and Moroccanoil moisture repair conditioner ($19.80)
- Moroccanoil is sold exclusively in salons. To find your nearest salon go to www.moroccanoil.com

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nicki fan said...

this stuff is amazing. it was a secret one of my old hair dressers had recommended to me. it makes thick hair feel light and airy!! it helps dry time too