Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nicole Richie answering fan questions on Twitter

Nicole Richie answered some Twitter questions from her fans.
Here are the questions and her responses:
@nicolerichie are you breastfeeding sparrow?
@misskodi yes I am :)

@nicolerichie serena or blair?
@JanaElez Serena :)

@nicolerichie what is ur favorite breakfast?
@AwkwardMurmurs honestly, McDonalds. Don't judge. :)

@nicolerichie Do u plan on doing any more acting?
@estellebelle yes very very soon. Details to come...

@nicolerichie can i have 100 dollars :)
@_yoseeelyn_ sure. Can I have 1000?

@nicolerichie what is your favorite snack food?
@IrieDame Gummy Peaches from a place called Joans on 3rd

@nicolerichie have you bin to India yet?
@StaRRBeaNN no, but I want to so bad

@nicolerichie plan to write another book!?
@EdenPoon yes, it will be out this summer

@nicolerichie burgerkings or mcdonalds?
@_EmilyDevine McDonalds duh

@nicolerichie what's your fav clothing to steal from @joelmadden?
@felicialieto his sweaters

@nicolerichie what hair products do you use to get your hair in loose waves?
@katmcculloughh I use Moroccan Oil. and i actually wave my hair with a flat iron. I know that sounds weird but it works


Anonymous said...

i love Love LOVE that Nicole is a Serena :-)
i wanna find more about the moroccan oil...never heard of it??? anyone hows??

I totally have to join twitter now, maybe i will be lucky to get a question answered LOL

Kelley said...

i was thinking the same thing, i should get a twitter account to follow nicole..