Wednesday, September 2, 2009

In Nicole's closet: Jean Paul Gaultier

This is one of my favourite Nicole Richie looks.
Back in 2006 she looked amazing in this Jean Paul Gaultier floral print peasant top.
Miss Richie complimented her outfit with Christian Louboutin "Yoyo" pumps.

Lindsay Lohan was spotted wearing the same top.
I don't need to tell you how much I love Nicole, but I prefer Lindsay's strappy sandals, so she wins for me.
What do you think?


lani said...

wow! this is a tough one, they both look amazing. Shame lindsay doesn't look that good now. Nicoles look is more summery, where as lindsays is more wintery.

Anonymous said...

I loved her style the most when she was super skinny. And I loved how she looked (not whe she looked sickly). I lived in Japan for a while and many Asian women have that figure from healthy foods and proper portion sizes.

Anonymous said...

She looks adorable!!

madad said...

hello I'm french and I see often your blog, it's cool! I wanted to know if anybody knows the brand of her famous black coat she wears everytime, I searched it everywhere on the internet but I haven't find it. Thank you for any little answer!

Missy said...

Not a big fan of Lindsay wearing such a delicate top with a heavy black biker jacket!

I've just done a post on Nicole Richie and i'd love you to check it out x

For all things fashion:

mary said...

@madad: I'm not very sure, but I think is Juicy couture from a few seasons ago

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