Sunday, December 14, 2008

Nicole and Harlow out in LA

Nicole Richie took her little daughter Harlow, out for a day on the town, on December 13.
According to a poll taken on the popular website Harlow has been voted the best baby girl name of 2008.
"The celebrities did pretty well this year in baby naming," says founder and CEO Jennifer Moss. "Harlow Winter Kate is a glamorous name, without being too unusual."
Recently, Nicole opened up to USA Today about the joys of motherhood with baby Harlow, telling:
"Obviously, the birth of my daughter is the best thing ever. Just in general, it’s been a really great year for me. Everything is coming together. All of my dreams are becoming a reality."



Anonymous said...

I totally have been just snooping lately and not leaving comments! Great Posts!!! Nicole has been out a lot recently it seems! Love it! However the red shoes in this post sorta surprise me... I am not sure what I think of them yet... Anywho thanks for the posts!

Mimi said...

So so so so cute! Harlow is will be quite the fashionista!


lani said...

nicole certainly loves those red boots, red boots will definitely be a hot item for winter. This outfit looks like it was just thrown together but still works so well, the bag is a great addiction :)

Anonymous said...

who makes the jeans?

mary said...

Nicole's jeans are Hysteric Glamour