Saturday, December 13, 2008

In Nicole's closet: Fernandis

Nicole Richie at a press conference held to promote The simple life 5, in 2007.
For those of you dying to know, our girl was wearing a pair of jewel-armored Fernandis cuffs from Decades.
These cuffs where designed in the early 80s by Fernandis and they have a gorgeous quilted and textured design.

Jennifer Lopez sported the same look on the cover of her "Como ama una mujer" album.

(thanks to marina ballerina from celebrity fashion blog for pointing this out to me)



I think i pointed this out to you :S
I posted about this days ago.

Not cool to take others work and not even credit where you originally sourced it from.

courtney said...

@ Nicole Richie News, she already stated her source and it is obviously not you. I doubt you were the first person to post about the cuff so get over it! I wouldn't visit your site now purely because of this immature comment.

As for the cuff i think it is beautiful, i love the photo of J-Lo.

mary said...

Girls, I always credit my sources because I respect other people's work.
The girl from celebrity fashion blog pointed this out to me not you Nicole Richie News. I like your blog and I will happily credit you if I find something interesting on your blog.


Ok, well i would appreciate it if you could ask Marina if it was via my website she read about this.
Its just too much of a coincidence. I posted about this just a few days ago but it was actually on the decades site over a year ago and thing with Jennifer Lopez was a totally different blog entry.
I understand if it was a mistake but i know for sure it is most likely through my site.
Ive just googled Nicole Fernandis Cuffs and nothing else comes up which includes Nicole and JLO apart from my blog and yours. So you see how it is too much of a coincidence?
Also i do love your website you are very good at getting ID's for all Nicole's items that is why i feel a little shot down as i done that my research myself.

Mimi said...

Well the cuff is gorgeous, I love how it's over sized, definitely makes an impact...

Love ya Mary ♥


Well Im not sure what else to say about all the comments above, but if I will be the one to say it thats fine with me...

Is it me or does Nicole look like Rachel Zoe in the first pic? Glad they're friends again!

mary said...

Marina read in a magazine about the cuffs


what magazine & did it also have the feature of Nicole and JLO?

mary said...

I don't know, a Romanian magazine