Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In Nicole's closet: Linda Farrow

I was convinced that Nicole's sunglasses are Oliver Goldsmith, but as many of you pointed out they're not.
Nicole's sunnies are Linda Farrow and she has worn them on several occasions.

Nicole in 2006


Mimi said...

I collect sunnies, I dont have as many as Nicole but its okay I will just stick to admiring from afar lol


FotoholiC* said...

i tall you... they are linda farrow... vintage line... this are super cool!

lani said...

Thanks for pointing out the error mary :) Now i know what they are :D I knew those sunglasses looked so familiar.

This is what i love about Nicole, she wears things from years ago and still looks fantastic.

I must admit the Linda Farrow Vintage sunglasses look 100% better on Nicole Richie now then they did back in 2006. Her face is a lot more healthier with a little weight on so she can pull them off without looking dorky. I love the style and size of the glasses.

Lani said...

if any of you are in love with this style like me, the Gucci GG 2927 Strass Sunglasses in black look exactly like this Linda Farrow style when worn. They have the same shape, dark frame and oversized vintage look.

They have been seen on the Gucci runway, on Rihanna, Mischa Barton and Jessica Simpson, i suggest you get it in the black though if you want them to look exactly like Nicole Richies.

You can purchase them off Here is the link if you want to see.

Aimee said...

Aren't they Cutler and Gross?

Anonymous said...

Her leopard print top is Jenni Kayne