Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In Nicole's closet: Christian Louboutin

Nicole Richie out in West Hollywood, on November 28.
She wore:
- LnA short sleeve raw edge tee in black
- Stella McCartney denim jacket from a few seasons ago
- Rick Owens beanie
-Oliver Goldsmith "Audrey" sunglasses
- Christian Louboutin Ginevra boots


Anonymous said...

Credit for the find should go to CelebrityStyleGuide.com don't you agree Mary?

Mimi said...

These boots are very Femme Fatale!


mary said...

I always give credit to my sources because I respect other people's work.
I've already credited Celebrity style guide for Nicole's jacket

lani said...

what's up with all these people complaining about sourcing. I think you source well and at the end of the day, your doing this blog for your only personal pleasure not for any company or financial advantage so not sourcing isn't going to end the world. You keep doing what you do mary, it is a great site you have here and don't worry about haters, you can't please everyone!

mary said...

Thank you lani for your support, you're a sweetie
And you are so righ: this blog is for my personal pleasure