Tuesday, June 11, 2013

#Candidly Nicole episode 7 - Day with dad

Lionel Richie is a special guest on this week's episode of "Candidly Nicole".
In honor of Father's Day, Nicole and her sister Sofia spend the day with their dad doing what he loves best.
More photos and deleted scenes on aol.com.
Nicole's stylish gardening outfit consists of a pair of Levi's shorts, a black tee and a Jean Paul Gaultier floral-printed crêpe de Chine shrug.
She accessorized with a Bottega Venetta belt and a Maison Michel yellow hat.


Anonymous said...

do you know sohias sweater?pleeese

Mary said...

I have no idea

Anonymous said...

the sweaters american apparel

Anonymous said...

Thank u sooo much! I've been wondering&searching what brand is Nicole's hat. ohhh finally!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know details of the boots Sofia is wearing here? I want them!!