Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nicole in Be, May 2013

Last month when she was in France for Paris Fashion Week Nicole was interviewed by Be magazine.
Here are the highlights of Nicole's interview:
- If she could keep only one piece from her wardrobe, it would be one of the vintage Alaia skirts from her mother. To pass it down to her daughter.
- Her must-haves: her Fendi Spy bags, she adores them, her Chloe Silverado bag
- she likes to shop on netaporter.com and watches the fashion shows, she knows immediately what she likes and what she's going to wear, but she's not a big spender. Nicole likes second-hand shops, especially when she travels, the clothes don't  necessarily have to be from famous designers. She has lots of $10 pieces.
- Nicole's fashion mantra: when it comes to jewelry her philosphy is "more is more", contrary to Coco Chanel, Miss Richie thinks you should add one more accessory before leaving the house, not remove one.
- A fashion faux pas: she doesn't think there's something applicable to everyone. For example, she is petite and certain things don't fit her, you just have to know what fits you.
- For a date Nicole recommends wearing jeans, a white tee and black pumps, which is a sexy combination
- Other advices: don't follow the trends, dress for yourself, be confident, dress for your body type
Styling: Nicole Richie, she wears Stella McCartney dress and Manolo Blahnik shoes, the model wears Winter Kate
thank you Mydra from Good Charlotte Family

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