Tuesday, July 10, 2012

NicoleRichie.org is a copycat

Dear readers,
I recently discovered a copycat version of my blog - NicoleRichie.org - that steals my content word for word.
I contacted the webmaster to let him/her know about the plagiarized content and he/she told me that I'm just mean and selfish. I also contacted the host - Fanfusion.org - and they continue to ignore me.
I find this situation very frustrating because that person steals my work and uses my name.
I truly admire and love Nicole Richie and I do my best to support her with this blog.
If you find my blog helpful,  please don't visit that page again!
Thank you!


Adri said...

You're totally right!

Anna said...

don't worry Mary! :) your blog is the best!

Winter Kate said...

She/He is mean and selfish, not you. your blog is great!

Isnt there a way to save your blog with an copy protection? That no one can mark and copy a text/picture? I saw this on a few site...
or try to tag your pictures, that the visitors see that´s originally written by this site

Toni said...

This really annoys me and I'm not even the one it's happening to. I understand how hard you work because you write everything yourself. Most websites these days just copy and paste entire articles from other sites. At least they credit but NicoleRichie.org doesn't. When I update with news articles I rewrite most of it myself and then quote parts. I know that it takes effort, so for someone to steal what you're doing is completely unfair. I don't mean to sound like a bitch either but I think that NicoleRichie.org has gone completely down hill since they've been taken over with a new owner.


That site has always been corrupt. Not cool.

Patricia said...

I quit visiting that site years ago when it switched owners. Just wanted to let you know I visit yours everyday!

helen said...

este blog es el mejoooor!!

Anonymous said...

That is horrible! I can't believe that! So CRAZY he/she would do that!!
You do such a great job on you blog! Keep up the great work!