Friday, September 23, 2011

Nicole's 30th birthday presents

Nicole Richie talked to InStyle and revealed some of the gifts that she received for her 30th birthday.
"My friend Kelly got me an Alaia belt, which is very beautiful, and my friend Diana bought me some Balenciaga shoes."
Nicole carrying a bag of cookies from Mr. Fields and a brown box from Satine boutique.
Nicole's friend, Kelly Sawyer, the creative director of Satine's private label, gave her an Alaia belt

Nicole's husband, Joel Madden ,gifted her a piece of art by the artist Revok.
From Harlow and Sparrow Nicole received DIY gifts:
"They both just made me stuff."
The designer also received an exclusive gift - the unreleased Samsung Galaxy SII.
source: instyle


kcritcheloe said...

Absolutely love, love, love this dress. What is the brand? Nicole looks gorgeous as always!

Shazz said...

umm that yellow dress is to die for!! I cannot believe how beautiful she looks her, so 70's love it!!

mary said...

@kcritcheloe I'm still trying to ID this dress