Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nicole leaving the Britney Spears concert

Nicole Richie was spotted leaving Britney Spears's concert held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, on June 20.
Nicole is a huge fan of Britney and has previously stated:
"I have been a huge fan of Britney since I was 16".
"In honor of my queen @BritneySpears - Can’t wait to dance tonight!" Nicole tweeted a few hours before attending the Femme Fatale show, along with a link to her Facebook page with a video of her and a friend getting down to Britney's "I'm a slave for you".

source: isopix, family madden richie, dailymail


Anna said...

love this outfit, except that fur. perfect for a concert. and this is my favourite bracelet that Nicole has.

mary said...

I like that bracelet too, it's vintage Chanel

Anonymous said...

What brand is that fur jacket and where can I buy it?

mary said...

I don't know yet who designed the vest