Friday, July 30, 2010

Nicole at the gym

Nicole Richie was spotted out at the gym in Los Angeles, yesterday, July 29.
Sporting a white top with black leggings and sneakers Miss Richie looked exhausted after her sweat session.



Anonymous said...

Damn she looks ugly without makeup.Like a rat

Anonymous said...

^^can't you see she is exhausted

mary said...

she looks good, you can't expect the girl to be red carpet ready after an intense workout

Lani said...

I think the best thing about this, is that she is actually being healthy and working out. I hate it when people go to the gym wearing loads of make up and all dressed up. That's not what the gym is for.

I think she looks fine, she is squinting cause it's so bright outside and she doesn't have a pair of amazing Chanel sunglasses on lol.