Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nicole out with her children

The cutest mom was spotted taking her children Harlow and Sparrow on a stroller ride in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, on Monday afternoon March 1.
Nicole went with her typical casual look, pairing a basic grey tank top with a Winter Kate silk bed jacket and denim shorts.
Miss Richie finished her outfit with a pair of oversized Ray Ban aviator glasses and Havaianas flip flops.


Rose Taylor said...

ahhh, nicole is too cute for words! she pulls of casual style like the most chique outfit. she is definitely one of my favorites. i LOVE your blog :)

im a big nicole fan, im already mentioning her on my blog...i JUST started one!:)


tofuscloset said...

love her..that jacket is so cute!

eyeoptix said...

Nicole Richie's sense of fashion is just amazing. She can go from mild to wild and still in style! Love those Ray Ban Sunglasses btw.

Anonymous said...

The bed jacket she is wearing is from her winter kate collection!

Dena said...

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