Friday, March 12, 2010

New Winter Kate pieces

New pieces from Nicole Richie's clothing line have arrived at Kitson, Nordstrom and Miijo.
For those of you interested, here is what is available:
Winter Kate "Ginger" purple cardy at Kitson

Winter Kate "Lily' tunic in rainflower at Miijo. Nicole wore it at Holt Renfrew

Winter Kate "Tallulah" tank-cleo at Miijo

Winter Kate "Savannah" chiffon tunic in Napoleon amethyst at Nordstrom

Winter Kate "Tallulah" chiffon tank in jet black at Nordstrom

Winter Kate "Clementine" silk cami in ivory and black available at Kitson Japan and Cusp


Sandra said...

I love the Savannah and Tallulah! The first one is also cool

Palomitad said...

You are welcome:). Winter Clementine is also avaliable in ivory at CUSPS