Monday, February 1, 2010

Same design?!

As I was going through the photos of Nicole's new collection I can see that the Winter Kate Ginger cardigan in Willow reminds me so much of the elbow sleeve open front blouse from her maternity line designed for A pea in the pod she wore back in August 2009 There is a striking resemblance, in fact I can't tell the difference. What do you guys think?
Well here's the good news - the Nicole Richie for a Pea in the pod blouse is extremely affordable and it's on sale which makes it even better!.
You can buy it here for $38,99. Grab it while you can!
Nicole Richie elbow sleeve open front maternity blouse

Winter Kate Ginger cardigan in Willow

Thanks to Laura!


Angie said...

That's amazing!

Gemstar said...

thetrendboutique even showed pictures of nicole wearing the pea in the pod design to promote the winter kate version so they can't even tell the difference.