Saturday, February 20, 2010

Nicole Richie in Montreal (interview+video+a few tagged pics)

Nicole Richie and Gazette style editor Eva Friede sat down to talk about Nicole’s new Winter Kate line of clothing last week. This is an edited transcript of their conversation from Montreal Gazette.
Q. There’s a growing cult of Nicole, with people just mad about your style. What do you attribute that to?
“That’s a very nice compliment. Thank you. I really am one to dress for comfort. The big challenge I find is that there’s not a lot out there that’s extremely comfortable but are great statement pieces.
"A big inspiration behind this collection was to make things really easy, things that move well and that you can just throw on without thinking about it.”
Q. So many celebrities, so many fashion lines. What sets this one apart?
“I can’t speak for other people and their lines because I have no idea what is going on there.
“I 100 per cent design everything, every single piece. I would never put my name on something I would not wear myself. This is not an endorsement deal. I really took this on as a designer and it’s something I take seriously and hope to do for a long time.”
Q. Comfort, ease, statement pieces, a touch of boho – what else can you add to describe your inspiration?
“With this collection, I was really inspired by the ’60s and ’70s. I think that time was really great and I thought for spring and summer, it would be a good inspiration, because in the summer when you’re hot you just don’t feel like you want to wear really anything.
“I just wanted the clothes to be very easy to wear.”
Q. How did you hook up with Brian and Rick Cytrynbaum (the Montreal brothers who hold the license and produce her footwear and fashion)?
“They came to L.A. and I had them come over to my house just to vibe out. I pulled out my favourite vintage clothes and things that I truly love, and hung them over my lamps and over my couches, just so they could see a room that was me and explained who I was and where my mind was at. And we just kind of sat there for three hours and kind of vibed. They’re such experts in this, and it was just a perfect fit.”
Q. When you’re not wearing your own line, what do you wear.?
"I actually wear Winter Kate every day, but I’m actually just a jeans and T-shirt kind of person.”
Q. Skinny, wide, blue, frayed?
“I wear bell bottoms, I wear skinny jeans, just kind of whatever is on the floor.”
Q. Where do you think you can take this line? Can it become a major part of the fashion landscape?
“One can only hope. I feel blessed to be even here today. We just finished fall, and it’s a completely different look – very tailored, clean lines, black, white, grey, just totally different. I hope to keep reinventing the line through every season.”
Q. What advice can you give to girls who want to be a size 0?
“I’m in no position to give that kind of advice, because I don’t know what it’s like to be there. I can only hope that women are just happy in being themselves.”
Q. You’re engaged?
“I’m only talking about the line today”.
Q. We’re in this democratization phase in fashion now. What’s the next big thing in fashion?
“I really try and not pay attention to trends because I think it’s important for every woman to know who she is and know her body and what looks good on her and what doesn’t. For instance, I’m 5’1 so I can get away with wearing short-shorts or short dresses and it means something totally different than someone wearing it who’s 5’9.
“If the biggest trend in the world is knee-length everything, that doesn’t mean I would necessarily wear it.”
Q. Are we entering an age of individuality?
“I hope so, yes.”
And here's a video from Nicole's appearance at Holt Renfrew in Montreal.

And some tagged photos:
Nicole with models and Brian and Rick Cytrynbaum, the Montreal brothers who hold the license and produce her footwear and fashion

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