Tuesday, November 3, 2009

In Nicole's closet: Chanel

Nicole Richie was photographed with a brand new Chanel stunner.
She is known to have an amazing Chanel collection and it keeps on growing.
Nicole's new Chanel lunch box style purse has a woven patent leather link strap and top handle.
Simply gorgeous and definitely a classic.


Donna said...

ahh she always has the best chanel

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Nicole mixing things up, but I would never wear this bag. "Lunchbag" is right. I love her motorcycle bags and many others, but not the granny-esque Chanel bags

Angel said...

does anyone know what top she's wearing! I love this turleneck black top! so cute

lani said...

i love chanel handbags, especially vintage chanel because they have unique shapes. it looks great on her.