Friday, September 25, 2009

Nicole's post-baby diet plan

After worrying friends and family with her rapid weightloss after Harlow, she’s determined to take it slowly this time.
Barely a week after giving birth, Nicole Richie was running errands around her LA neighbourhood looking the picture of health and happiness.
Leaving new son Sparrow at home with fiance Joel Madden, she smiled in the sunshine and was clearly enjoying motherhood second time around.
And after the traumatic last few weeks of her pregnancy, Nicole, 28, has told friends she is determined not to risk her health with the crash diet and obsessive exercise she adopted both before and after giving birth to daughter Harlow in January 2008.
“Nic’s attitude is so sorted compared with how she was first time around,” says a friend. “She put on far more weight with Sparrow – 18kg – than she did with Harlow, but she hasn’t worried about it half as much.

“With Harlow, she lost almost all of her baby weight in two weeks because she’d only eat bland soups and plain fish, and she counted every calorie. It really worried Joel and her parents – they could see she was putting her body under tremendous strain.
“This time she is far more relaxed; she wants to lose the weight sensibly and slowly. She doesn’t want to risk her health or her baby’s.”
Nicole has already started gentle exercise, such as following a yoga routine recommended by her former trainer, Adam Estner, who she credits with helping her to get fit and healthy following her public battles with addictions and eating disorders.
“Adam told her to be careful because breastfeeding means she needs to keep her calorie intake up,” says the friend.
“He told her not to even think about doing weights, cardio or anything strenuous just yet. And she listens to him because he knows her body almost better than she does herself.”

Nicole has set herself a three-month goal to get back in shape so she can start the new year with a new figure. Her diet plan includes sushi for lunch, poached chicken and vegetables for dinner and a weekly treat of pizza.
Adam has promised Nicole that in four weeks’ time he’ll start to train with her again, taking her on hikes around her Laurel Canyon home and devising a new weights program.
While she started her pregnancy by adopting a healthy lifestyle, the deaths of Nicole’s godfather Michael Jackson and former fiance DJ AM sent her into a spiral of depression and junk-food cravings.

You can read the full story in the latest issue of Grazia Australia.



Anonymous said...

Nicole already looks great! All she needs to do is work on the double chin (exasterbated by stress) and she has a rockin' figure. I am the same height and fluctuate between 105 and 110 really easily. It is definitely not underweight. Whether she loses weight or stays the same she needs to be happy with herself now and it seems she is doing so

tofuscloset said...

shhe does already lok goood and hope she doesn't get too skinny again

Anonymous said...

she looks great, its just a matter of toning up again.. they said she's eating sushi for lunch, but if she's breast feeding, isn't that bad

Anonymous said...

i don't think so. Any parasites would harm the baby in-utero. You can get parasites just as easily from factory farmed meats like beef, pork, or chicken too