Thursday, September 17, 2009

Nicole's first public appearance after giving birth

Exactly one week after giving birth to her second child Nicole Richie was spotted out at CVS drug store with Harlow, on September 16.
This is Nicole's first appearance since giving birth to her son, Sparrow James Midnight.
The new mom looked amazing in a blue Love Tanjane tye dye halter maxi dress.
X17 photographers said:
"Nicole was in a really good mood, being so loving with her daughter. She looked absolutely amazing - anyone who didn't know would never guess she had given birth just a week ago. She even looked well-rested!"


tofuscloset said...

she looks beautiful so does harlow

lani said...

Harlow looks cute as!

Nicole is so lucky to be that thin a week after giving birth!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gush! such a cutie! harlow is a little lady and really pretty! nicole looks good as usuall! i want to see sparrow! i personally love his name nicole is always very creativ in finding names! ..sparrow james..midnight...and harlow ....the ending -ow is the same!
harlow definately hast nicoles eyes!

Anonymous said...

Nicole is not lucky. I think she eats very health and a lot of organics. I eat very well and thus I am very thin, even after giving birth. Take some responsibility

Missy said...

anyone got a clue who the dress is by? looks like a Gypsy o5 one to me.

For all things fashion:

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