Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nicole Richie in Famous, Australia

"Nicole breaks down. Baby joy shattered by ex's overdose."
That is what the magazine Famous is saying in the latest issue.
Famous is reporting that Nicole's friends are fearing for her health as she struggles to come to terms with the death of her ex-boyfriend DJ AM, who passed away from a suspected overdose. Although she and DJ AM were no longer together they two were reportedly very close and while Nicole has a baby with her partner Joel Madden, and one on the way, sources say her response to the news made Joel question whether she harboured deep feelings for the DJ.
"It ended up in a big fight, with Joel demanding, 'Were you still in love with him?'" says a pal, "She was devastated to think that Adam’s life came to such a terrible end after his years struggling to stay sober."


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Lani said...

At least Grazia is writing about something relevant this time. Drug addiction is a serious problem and it is taking away too many lives. I wish DJ AM, Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger were still alive. I loved Nicole and DJ AM together, they were cute. But i highly doubt that Joel Madden had a fight with Nicole Richie over his death. That part is just pathetic, that's why i stopped buying magazines, paying for ridiculous stories.