Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nicole Richie for Mercury duo fall 2009

Nicole Richie reprises her role as the face of Mercury Duo for their fall 2009 ad campaign.
I must say that I really love these new photos, she looks fabulous and the collection includes more pieces in the style of Nicole.
Click here to see Nicole in Mercury Duo's spring ad campaign.
The collection is on sale on mercuryduo.com.


Katie said...

wow they have changed alot since her previous shoot with them, then it was all flirty girly dresses and skirts. i think i prefer the later shots, the ones that are supposed to look like pap shots, the clothes are more wearable and she looks great!
thanks for keeping up the blog even though there's no new candids of her, must be hard to think of things to post about but we all appreciate your work!


lani said...

i love all the candid looking shots of her. Those are beautiful, much better then the studio shots.

tofuscloset said...

she looks gorgeous!

ericalouise2009 said...

she is too airbrushed in 3 , 8 and a few others , the pics r good love the clothes !!!!

Anonymous said...

u cant go wrong when ur this thin....love it!