Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Nicole Richie in Vivi, September 2009

Nicole Richie appears in the September issue of Vivi magazine.
Back in June Nicole twitted about her photoshoot with the Japanese magazine Vivi.


nickifan said...

omg i wish someone could translate the makeup to us!!!

Janice said...

me too, can sumone please translate it??

Anonymous said...

yes please translate, i want to know what the mac eyeshadow colors are! PLEASE! THANK YOU!!!

mari said...

I just can translate what the mac eyeshadow colors are.
On the 1st page,
1: Honey lust
2: Tempting
3: Charcoal Brown
4: Black Tied

Janice said...

Thanks Mari, do you know the names of the Mac Lipsticks??

Mari said...

2:Miss(I couldn't find on Canadian M.A.C page. I guess it is Cherish in English.)
3:Politely Pink

Janice said...

Thanks alot Mari :)