Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nicole Richie in Spurluxe summer 2009

Back in April Miss Richie was spotted at a photoshoot.
She was posing for the Japanese magazine Spurluxe.
Any Japanese speakers in the house?
I'm so curious to know what the article says.

She is so cute here



Anonymous said...

I'm japane, EVERYBODY, i mean EVERYBODY looooves her.
she's really popular in Japan.
no wonder huh? :)

patty said...

can you translate everything for us? would be GREAT!!!

me1234 said...

I don´t speak japanese put yea I really wanne know the translation too!

And the pics of this shoot are gorgeous! Like Nicole always is ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics and Nicole looks awesome!:)

Anonymous said...

well, it's just writing about her styles,
"she loves vintage styles, as you can see on her jewerly lines..." and so on.

tofuscloset said...

she looks great! i love her clothes in these pics

mary said...

@Anonymous: thanks