Monday, July 20, 2009

New Twitter pic

Ashlee Simpson posted this picture on her Twitter. She wrote:
"Moms night out with @nicolerichie. I know angelina is jealous."

Nicole tweeted:
"Had a magical night with @ashsimpsonwentz. We sang to Cream, talked about incest, & tweezed a peice of wood out of my leg. TMI?"


lani said...

have these two always been good friends or is it since they had children? i love them as friends :)

me1234 said...

I love this cute!
Nicole´s so gorge even without make up! Her skin is perfect!

And there´s an articel about Nicole and Mischa Barton (why they´re not close friends anymore) on,,20292399,00.html

Flores Hayes said...

my roomate is THRILLED with her panda bag!
she just LOVE it

mary said...

@me1234: thanks for the info