Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nicole is working on her clothing line

Great news from Nicole's Twitter:
"Working on my clothing line. First collection will be out Spring 2010."


CoffeeBreak said...

WOOOOW!!! I am so looking forward to tha clothing line :)

nicki fan said...

i can't wait! i hope its reasonably priced like her jewlery line

Anonymous said...

do you have any more pictures of her that day? Do you know what dress she is wearing- I am in LOVE!

me1234 said...

@ Laurel : It´s a picture from 2006.

Here´s the link:

I loooove her style in 2005/2006! U should lock at the gallery! There are so many great styles!

P.s: Mary, I hope it´s ok to post this links!?
Your Blog is my favourite Nicole Richie site, but the gallery is a great source for old pics of Nicole!
Still love your blog the most ;)

Anonymous said...

yea, it's Karen zambos halter romper.
i do see it on ebay VERY rarely.
i got the grey one myself on ebay too. it's not cheap...

Anonymous said...

Thank you both so much for answering! you both are very sweet. I really appreciate it! I am going to look at those links right now! :)
this blog is my favorite Nicole Richie site too!!! I need to comment more though!

mary said...

@me1234: It's ok, I love that site

Mimi said...

Yay! I love her tweets, they're so funny!