Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nicole at Café Med

Miss Richie spotted with Harlow at Café Med in the Sunset Plaza of Los Angeles, yesterday, April 28.
Nicole wore a flirty bird print frock from Urban Outfitters under a Paige Premium denim jacket.
Accessory wise, Miss Richie grabbed her tie-dyed baby bag along with oversized sunglasses and Marc Jacobs cuffed wedge boots.
What are your thoughts on Nicole's look here, are you a fan?




Anonymous said...

yeaah i'm a fan!
she looks perfect with everything she wears :)

KatieB said...

I like the outfit from the waist up, but i think it would look better with bare legs or black tights and pumps or heels, I just dont think the boots go with it.
I'm not sure about it front on, although in the last picture from the side it actually looks cute, so i guess it's a hit or miss outfit. Can't make up my mind!

Katie xx

nicki fan said...

i almost got this dress. i got it in the other version she has. i think she's kinda got an "overboard" movie look going on its cute though

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Being pregnant will make you step up your style. Maybe it would look better with sandals and bare legs or with hose and pumps.. but this is unique~! Thanks for the variety. Unexpected and beautiful!

Laurel said...

I love how she always sports her jean jacket - it made me pull mine out of the closet!

tofuscloset said...

her outfit is amazing and harlow is so cute