Saturday, March 7, 2009

Who wore Chloe better?

Rachel Bilson was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, back in December 2008 wearing a pair of Chloe CL 2161 sunglasses.
Nicole Richie wore the same pair of sunnies this week when she went out for lunch with Joel and Harlow.
This is a very hard decision, as both fashionistas look cute, but I will give it to Nicole.


Anonymous said...

Last year I was a big fan of Rachel Bilson's style but this year I believe that she is the worst dressed celebrity!
I totally believe that Nicole wore Chloe sunglasses much better!

Mimi said...

That is so hard, I'll give it to Nicole :]


donna said...

the way they're dressed is very similar. Both wearing tshirt, beanies and leggings. But i totally think Nicole owns it with the complete black outfit that lets the sunglasses stand out.

lani said...

Not a problem Mary, I love sunglasses, especially the ones Nicole Richie wears.

I voted for Nicole Richie of course, cause i love the simple way she wears them, i prefer the plain black beanie over the colorful one.

While we're on the topic of sunglasses, i found two photos of Lauren Conrad wearing the same Chloe 2123 sunglasses that Nicole Richie has been seen wearing lately.

Here is a link to the two picture, sorry i just love when you do posts inbetween candids.

Anonymous said...

i agree they both look very good. perhaps its because Chloe sunglasses are so good lol.

mary said...

Thanks again lani

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, i think they both look superb. Both Nicole and Rachel have very pretty and cute facial features so the sunglasses compliment them well. Can i vote for both lol. oh and why is the picture so small when i click on it? I wanted to get a closer view, but the photos are small.