Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nicole's official website

Nicole finally launched her official website.
Click the link below for magazine scans, photos, Nicole's diary, videos, fashion and beauty tips.
You guys will love it trust me.

The site is currently down, but keep checking it.


Anonymous said...

i'm freaking out.
soo awesome!!!
thanks so much. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and the video of her hetting ready for kitson so gorg.
i hope she updates it alot. YAY!!!

nicki fan said...

the link isnt working for me? what is the site address? it gives me a login

me1234 said...

It wont let me access it too :(

It says I need a username and a passwort!
I would registrate there but HOW?????

PLEASE HELP...I want to see it so badly :(

Mlle Berthemely said...

it's not working!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it was working earlier but now it is on lockdown :( Maybe there are some technical difficults i.e. being updated?

lady T said...

aggghhh it's still not working! i'm dying to see it. grrrrrr

tofuscloset said...

still asking for password =(

imashopaholic said...

probably down until they work out the kinks

mary said...

Probably the site had too many visitors at the same time and the server is down

Anonymous said...

the site crashed.
hopefully it will be back on soon

Anonymous said...

I can't get through either. Why is it asking for a username and password?