Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nicole jokes about twin rumors

Nicole Richie showed off a growing baby bump at a fundraiser for the Richie-Madden Children's Foundation Monday in Hollywood.
Asked about tabloid rumors that she is expecting twins, her beau's brother Benji Madden joked to Usmagazine.com, "She already has twins."
Richie, 27, then added, "I have twins. People popped out of me yesterday."



Anonymous said...

LOL that´s funny! And true!
What else can U do when U always get ask stupid questions!

But wait, she doesn´t gives a real answer...maybe it is true???

We´ll have to wait and find out when she gives birth!

tofuscloset said...

she's so beautiful! and the dress is pretty

imashopaholic said...

She avoided answering the question by joking around and she is looking much rounder than when she was carrying Harlow at this stage of the pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

The stomach muscles normally get damages during the pregnancy and the stomach can distend more with each additional child. There are no rules, but every pregnancy if different.

Mimi said...

She's always been quick witted :]

I dont know if shes having twins or not but im happy for her!


donna said...

benji's funny! she does have twins, she has benji and joel!