Monday, March 23, 2009

Nicole and Harlow out

Nicole Richie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles with her daughter Harlow, on March 21.
I have to admit I am not keen on this look at all. I'm not liking the bleached jeans-tye-dye bag combination.



Anonymous said...

I agree with Mary,i am not keen on this look too.But I like her hair!

KatieB said...

I like the look, just definitely not keen on that bag. She's worn it a couple of times now and I dont know what it is, its just too wishy washy, it kinda looks like Harlow just threw up on it!! Throw the girl a balenciaga and this look would be really cute.
But i agree anon, i like her hair too. Whoever knew women over the age of 13 could get away with pig tails?

Anonymous said...

AW! I THINK IT IS SO CUTE! When I was preggers I gravitated towards bright colors. My black warddrobe became home to kiwi, magenta, and yellow. Keep this in mind ladies, as it may happen to you as well

lani said...

the tie-dye bag is actually Harlows baby bag. I think i'm weird but i kind of like the look, its a great casual look...but the bleached jeans are a bit questionable.