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In Nicole's closet: Glamour UK photoshoot

Nicole Richie graces the cover of Glamour UK April 2009 edition looking as stunning as ever.
Her amazing editorial features ensembles from the spring 2009 collections.
Dolce & Gabbana spring 2009

Monique Lhuillier spring 2009

Luisa Beccaria spring 2009

Versace spring 2009

Here is the full article:
I'm waiting for Nicole Richie in the sitting room of the Chateau Marmont Hotel in LA. Outside it's sunny, inside gothically dark. The manageress has sat me at Nicole's favourite corner sofa and drawn the shutters tight, explaining that she worries about the paps peeping in.
Nicole Richie, 27, is now a mother to Harlow, who recently turned one, a designer, author, actor, and president of Richie Madden Chlildren's Foundation - a charity she established with her partner of over two years, Good Charlotte singer Joel Madden, to help underprivaleged kids. But to the tabloids she will always be the girl who found fame alongside best friend Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. The girl who became so scarily thin at one stage that a 'Feed Nicole' petition was launched online. The girl who, under the influence, drove the wrong way down a freeway, as arrested for being high, had her lisence revoked and was jailed for 82 minutes.
I can't wait wonder which version I'll be meeting today.
Nicole arrives with her hair long and blonde. She's wearing tiny denim shorts with a pale stone-coloured, knitted top and a soft black-leather vintage belt. Her bare arms and legs looked toned and slender but by no means skinny. Her manner is polite and accomplished and she has an air of certanty and confidence.
Ironically she's not wearing any of the jewellery from House of Harlow 1960 - the range she designed and recently launched, named after her daughter.
"Yes, that's the one way that my style has changed," she giggles. "I don't wear jewellery because she puts it in her mouth and I don't wear heels because I run around after her."
At 5ft 1in Nicole is indeed tiny and today she's wearing flat black pixie boots with fringing. Straight away, she declares jewellery is just the first phase of her fashion plan.
"I've always wanted to get into the designing business, so I decided that jewellery would come first, then sungalsses, belts & shoes. The first collection is Indian - and African inspired. I travel alot and I'm always at flea markets. I love the '60's and '70's."

She talks with enthusiasm about her strategy for the future and there seems to be alot going on. She's also producing a TV show based on her first novel, The Truth About Diamonds, writing her second novel, working on an album and developing another TV show that she'll star in. All this on top of the fact that she's still breastfeeding Harlow. It sounds like she's taken on so much. Does it scare her?
"Not at all, it's exciting," she assures me.
"I love every day of it."
So how does she balance work with looking after her daughter and spending time with Joel?
"I'm a Virgo so I'm very good at scheduling. I do a lot of my work at night and between her naps. I think you just take one day at a time."
It seems like motherhood and transformed this former wild child, but when I ask her about this, Nicole answers cautiously.
" I feel changed in the sense that I'm older and any woman who's a mother obviously experiences change," she says. "I'm not perfect, but i enjoy every minute of it."

Nicole's slim figure seemed to ping back into shape mere weeks after giving birth. "I didn't have that change of body some women do," she says simply.
As her weight probably caused more headlines and speculation then any other topic, I ask her what she thinks about her body.
"People get 10lbs heavier, 10lbs lighter, but 10lbs can be alot on me. People do it all the time. Get a little too heavy, get a little too thin. And I had a moment when I was too thin. But I don't think that's much different than anyone else."
She admits that being in the constant glare of the paparazzi can be a lose-lose situation.
"If you lose weight you're anorexic. If you haven't lost the weight your lazy," she reveals. "The best advice is just don't pay any attention to it. We have a 'no tabloids' rule in our house, and we don't watch a lot of TV, so we just don't partake in any of that."
Joel is another part of Nicole's latest chapter. While some were quick to dismiss their whirlwind romance, Harlow has undoubtedly cemented them as a couple.
"When you're parents you have to make every decision together, so you become a team. I can wholeheartedly that he's the best dad I haveever seen," Nicole says of Joel. "He's as good as my dad [singing ledgend, Lionel Richie]. Him and my dad are really close. Joel is superdad."
Did she know right away Joel was the one?
"Did I know he was the one?" She repeats the question and giggles. "sure, you could say that. We're polar opposites, Joel and I. I'm untidy and he's very tidy, conservative, shy, clean. We have very different tastes."
Since becoming a mum, Nicole also seems to be mixing with a new crowd. While she assures me, "I grew up in LA so I have all my close friends around me," she's also got to know fellow new-mum Christina Aguleria.
"Christina and I haven't known each other long, but we met through mutual friends. Because we had our babies at the same time - they were bron one day apart - we've got to know each other. She's a great wife, great mum and great singer. She does it all. And I'm sure Max gets better lullabies than Harlow."

So is she still friends with Paris these days?
"Yes. We went through a phase where we weren't speaking, but I can safely say that for anyone who's been friends 25 years. I don't really get into fights with people, and if I ever had a falling out it has ultimately been resolved. It's a part of growing up."
And grown up she certainly has. Gone is any last trace of Nicole the wild child and in its place is Nicole the career-focused, family-oriented earth mother. Let's hope the paparazzi give her the space to revel in her new incarnation.
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