Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Who wore Fluxus better?

Jessica Alba was spotted at a West Hollywood hair salon looking comfortable in a yellow scarf and Fluxus bias heather-gray cardi wrap, back in January.
As we know Miss Richie wore the same cardigan when she arrived back in LA, on February 20.


Anonymous said...

I have a question about Miss Richie phone...
And I know you have the right answer!!!
What type of phone does Nicole Richie have?
I know it's a Blackberry phone... but I don't know what type Nicole Richie has because there are so many Blackberrys!
Thanx a lot!

mary said...

Nicole has a BlackBerry Bold

Mimi said...

Nicole of course looks cuter, I am not crazy about Jessica Alba


nicoline said...

jessica alba is so pretty, but she has bad taste

Catarina said...


I´m a big fan of nicole richie and I so much love that gray cardigan... is there any shooping site where I can find it so i can order it?

Hope hearing from you... 'cause that cardigan is so fiiieeerrccceeeee

KatieB said...

In the previous post Mary says:
"She also wore this Fluxus heather-gray cardi wrap. You can buy it from for $112."

There you go =].
Still loving the blog!

lani said...

wow $112 is pretty good considering how big a celebrity budget is!

i love the way nicole is wearing it, i like jessica albas outfit too minus the shoes and the sunglasses.

Anonymous said...

Jessica wears weird combinations all the time. The sunglasses and scarf color aren't working. Nicole totally rocks this look, but the Uggs almost made me vote for Jessica. Uggs don't look that good and simply makes this look kinda like PJ's. I love Jessica's pants- those pants and some black ballet flats with Nicole's outfit would have been the best.

donna said...

I like BOTH of them. Jessica Alba has a very unique sense of style, all her own, which people haven't really noticed. She always dresses well and dresses for herself and she looks cute and unique.

Nicole Richie is also the same way, she has her own style which is why i love them both.

Anonymous said...

Jessica's tee is by a cool new tee collection called des artistes. You can get the tee at or at

Mike said...

The exact Fluxus Bias Wrap that both Nicole and Jessica are wearing is available on sale with free international shipping at Also available are Fluxus burnout pocket tee, burn out pocket tank in two colors, Fluxus Papa Vest (too cute!) and more.

Desiree said...

Where can I find the yellow scarf????