Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nicole leaving traffic school

Miss Richie was spotted leaving traffic school, on February 4.
Nicole clearly doesn't want to be snapped and hides from the paps behind her bodyguard and her precious orange Birkin.
For the third time she wore the exact same outfit: white t-shirt, jeans and a vest and accessorized with sunnies, a slouchy beanie and a Birkin bag.
There is definitely nothing wrong with wearing the same outfit over and over again, but she should try to space them out.



sa said...

I think she wears the same outfit for the third time b/c the paps go on her nerv!

She propable wants to borrow them so they don´t follow her so much!
And they don´t make money with pics of her always looking the same!

Smart move ;)

Mimi said...

She does look great but I completely agree with you Mary,


nicki fan said...

yep, she's def sick of us looking at her wardrobe everyday! lol

Anonymous said...

she dresses how I do, minus the beanie. I am always in skinnies, heels or black flip flops, a flattering tee and sometimes a wrap. I have the same body type and it is the cutest most flattering style

Anonymous said...

They can't sell the picture again if it's at the same place, wearing the same clothes. Jennifer Aniston does this all the time. Duh.

Anonymous said...

she has turned the outfit into her traffic school uniform:)! Nwz quite like the skinny jeans!

mary said...

I know, she is definitely trying to fool the paps, but we are eager to see some new cool outfits:)

nicki fan said...

she needs to move out of LA if she wants privacy! thats the reality of it all.