Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nicole and Harlow hit the shops

Long gone are the days when you'd spot Nicole Richie hitting the shops with former BFF Paris Hilton.
Now the stylista has a much cuter shopping budding – her baby daughter Harlow Winter Kate Madden.
The one-year-old, who is the spitting image of her dad, indulged in a shopping spree with mum in New York, where Nicole has been hitting the front rows of fashion week's hottest shows.
Clearly a young fashion star in the making – Nicole and Harlow visited two of NY's favourite Children's boutiques, Yoya and Bonpoint.


UPDATE 2: HQ pics



Mimi said...

I adore her beanie!

Mary, I can't believe I failed to tell you whether or not Nicole came on Confessions of a Shopaholic! Forgive my dorkness... lol well she didn't come on, at least not that I know of I paid pretty close attention. Hopefully I didnt miss her!


Prudence Lennon said...

dear i love your blog Nicole rocksss if you want i can help you with the layout of the site just let me know
Rock on Nicole Girl!
Prue ((ÂșLÂș))

Dooder City said...


Choo said...

Harlow is so cuuuuuute!!

atarijen said...
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atarijen said...
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atarijen said...

My babies have those same hats. I bought them fair trade handmade by Andean women. NO WALMART for me!

Elllle said...

I adore your blog , you have the best nicole-blog ever, it's simple yet full of pictures about Nicole. We don't need fancy we need you to do all the fan pages , ha ha. And now for real you rock , keep it going :)))

mary said...

@ Mimi: It's OK:)
On Wikipedia it says she is playing Valerie Case
@Prudence Lennon: I really need a new header
@Ellle: Thanks!