Sunday, February 8, 2009

In Nicole's closet: Hunter

Braving the rainy weather, Nicole Richie was spotted out and about in Los Angeles, on February 6.
Miss Richie was wearing a pair of Hunter Original Wellington green rubber boots.
You can purchase Nicole's boots from Hunter-boot (£60), Asos (£55) or Nordstrom ($115).


lani said...

those are heaps cute, i want a pair but i don't think it rains enough where i live to buy a pair lol.

Anonymous said...

Those boots are junk. They used to be great quality, but now they are made in China. Read some reviews on amazon and see. I was thinking about getting some in the past, but thught I should let you guys know

Mimi said...

She's so cute and tiny, a real life like doll :]


Anonymous said...

I love the way she matches the striped hoodie dress with the green rainboots!