Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Domestic diva

Partying is no longer a priority for new mom Nicole Richie, says Joel Madden.
"She's at home," he said at the DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl of Nic's whereabouts this weekend. "She's a mom; she's not really interested in going to any parties. She occasionally goes to parties, but I like football and this is a brothers' trip."
And as for their baby Harlow, who just had her first birthday?
"She's great!" he said of his daughter. "She's growing fast. She speaks five different languages and she's actually becoming a baby translator. She translates for other babies."
And looks like Nicole's got nothing to worry about. While brother Benji hosted a party Saturday night, Joel was spotted solo, trying his luck at the tables at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino around 2 a.m.



lani said...

joel looks so so so cute in that photo...lovely family photo...hope they stay together forever


Hello. ..Thx and I interest your posting ….Wishing you a very Happy day and smile for you

Mimi said...

They are too cute!