Sunday, February 22, 2009

Breakfast at Hugo's

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden were spotted grabbing up breakfast in Los Angeles at Hugo's, on February 21.
Nicole started her summery outfit with a James Perse cotton t-shirt tucked into her Abercrombie & Fitch "Nicolette" cut-off shorts and paired with a black cardigan, Chloe Filao CL 2123 sunglasses and Balenciaga peep-toe booties.

Later in the day Nicole and Joel took their daughter Harlow at the Xtreme Martial Arts World Headquarters for Cruz Beckham's 4th birthday party.


me1234 said...

Nicole is pregnant again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joel posted it today on the official Good Charlotte Blog!!!

Congratulations to Nicole and Joel!!!!!!!

mary said...

Thanks for the info

me1234 said...

Thanks for your great Blog ;)

U propable know it, but the link is:

nicki fan said...

i knew it! her frumpy clothes lately. hott maxi dresses coming our way soon!

Mimi said...

Her outfit is so summery... I am jealous!


Anonymous said...

I love the outfit, but not the tucked in shirt so much. ^^ tsugoku kawaii!

Lani said...

she always says she carries two pairs of sunglasses in her bag at all times. She swapped the oversized Chloe sunglasses to Ray Ban wayfarers later on. Kate Moss has also been wearing her Ray Ban wayfarers a lot lately.

I actually love how she has been dressing lately, simple and cool.

donna said...

it looks like Harlow is reaching her arm out for mummy in the 7th cute!

It looks like Joel is back to Black again...shame he was doing so well lol.

And i love wayfarer sunglasses too!! Ray ban sunglasses are classics, and its hard to let them go :)