Saturday, January 24, 2009


I have been tagged by the lovely Mimi from Style du jour and I have to create my own list of 20 women that I admire.
Hmm, 20 women I admire.
It's not that I don't admire many people but I found it hard to pick 20, so I only picked 10. Forgive me Mimi for only listing 10 women.
1. Nicole Richie - I love Nicole, I ove her style and her sense of humour, she has learned from her mistakes.

2. Carine Roitfeld - I like her style and what she does with French Vogue

3. Coco Chanel - the little black dress, the trouser suit, the fabulous 2.55, we owe them all to Coco Chanel

4. Rachel Zoe - I admire her ability to stay focused and do her thing

5. Victoria Beckham - she is always impeccably put together from head to toe

6. Jessica Simpson - she was my fashion icon. And I adore her perfume "Fancy"

7. Sarah Jessica Parker - she seems very down to earth

8. Jennifer Lopez - a lot of people are saying that Jennifer Lopez isn't a good actress, but I think she is talented, she's also a great singer and an amazing dancer.

9. Kylie Minogue - she's a strong woman, I'm glad she is back on track after battling cancer

10.Alyssa Milano - she is super cute and I am a big fan of "Charmed"

I tag: Marina Ballerina, Choo, Laurel, Miss M, and Mimi-Kos


Anonymous said...

Love your choices! I still check your blog daily .. even though I dont comment as much as I should. such inspirational posts! (PS I love Rachel Zoe too!)

Mimi said...

Hey doll, don't feel bad for only listing 10! I am finding it difficult to list twenty myself so that's why I am doing 5 a day :] I am trying to find a few more others for tomorrow.

Love your choices! Mostly because we love all the same lovely and talented women!

much love Mary,


P. S. Thanks for the 'shout out' lol

Anonymous said...

Thanks :*

mary said...

@Laurel: I check your blog too
@Mimi: You're sweet as always
@Choo: You're welcome