Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nicole in Maui

Nicole Richie, Joel Madden and little Harlow were spotted in Maui, on December 31.
Nic was dressed very comfy in skinny jeans, a peasant top and flip flops.




Anonymous said...

eek everyone has there days right?

Anonymous said...

thats exactly what i was thinking, i love nicole but she does look pretty rough here, especially compared to the pictures in the post below.
At least its nice to know that even celebrities have their off days too!!

jen said...

why didn't she just put on some eyeliner? or some lipgloss? that would be fast. But I understand you can't look good all the time.. that is what sunglasses are for

lani said...

she doesn't look bad, she looks natural!

i'm guessing shes at the beach most of the time and it is retarded to wear make-up when your doing active things. Let a girl be natural for godsake!

Mimi said...

She doesnt look bad, but shes not at her best... I adore her peasant top!


Anonymous said...

i dont like it when shes not wearing make up.