Monday, December 1, 2008

Nicole and Benji at Echo Club

Nicole Richie and her babydaddy’s brother Benji Madden were seen at the Ecco Lounge in Hollywood on Sunday afternoon.
According to New York Post's Page Six Nicole is trying to prevent Benji from meeting any potential new girlfriends:
"NICOLE Richie isn't taking Benji Madden and Paris Hilton's split very well. Sources tell Page Six that since Madden split from Hilton, Richie's best pal, Nicole "has been really possessive and stops him from talking to other girls." Richie, who has a baby with Benji's twin, Joel Madden, was spotted at a party for the Maddens' band, Good Charlotte, and their latest album, "Greatest Remixes." Our spy said, "Benji was approached by dozens of ladies. Girls were trying to flirt with him . . . but Nicole kept getting in the way." The source noted that Richie "stopped every girl trying to take a photo of him," and even "dragged him by the arm" away from a busty blonde."
Miss Richie wore a pair of JET skinny jeans with a white tank and a black knit vest and accessorized with a Balenciaga bag and her Givenchy cut out booties.



Anonymous said...

Talentless bitch. Stop pretending to hide from the paps. They are who you leave for. Fuck off

Anonymous said...

someone's a little hostile..i love Nicole, and obviously everyone else does to, or the paps wouldn't be following her every step

Mimi said...

Wow, someone is a little catty and sensitive about Nicole. As I said before I love Nicole, and it doesnt matter what anyone else says or thinks. And I guess since the paparazzi is chasing her down whenever she's out and about yeah she must be a big deal. Anyways, Benji's shirt is very festive :]

Thanks for the sweet comment! I love that pic of her so of course I wanted it as my header.