Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!
Have a fashionable New Year !
Enjoy these pics with Nicole and Joel spending New Year's Eve together, in 2006.


biba_46 said...

I love her dress. She looks so cute with her hair brown!

nicki fan said...

doesn't she look much better that way! i agree!

Mimi said...

I remember when the whole 'hookup' happened they're so much cuter than Joel and Hilary Duff, and Nicole is a gorgeous brunette!!!


I hope you had a wonderful New Year Mary, my love... I will comment later this cold medicine has me a little drowsy!

Lani said...

Nicole looks GORGEOUS as a brunette, doesn't she have brown hair naturally anyways? I didn't realise they were already together in 2006. Her dress is cute and judging by the chain strap i guess she's wearing one of her beloved Chanel bags?

Hope you have a lovely New Year Mary and you better keep posting Nicole richie news and pictures on your blog or i will be very mad!! lol

xoxo Lani

mary said...

Happy New Year, lovelies!
Nicole looked healthier and less washed out as a brunette. I am not even sure I remember her natural hair color.
Of course I will keep posting, Lani. And yes, she is carrying one of her beloved Chanel bags.

nicki fan said...

i actually think she is a natural blonde. if you look at her younger pictures she def has a light brown/gold tint. her roots never grow out that dark either

Anonymous said...

does anyone know who made that silver dress?? thanks!!