Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nicole's phone

Nicole Richie is a BlackBerry Bold user.


Lena said...

Oh her phone is so chiccc, just like her
PS: i remember you doing a post on nicole richie's infamous bracelets, and I've been looking for it all over your site but can't find the archive, I was wondering if you could give me the link to it? Please and thank you

mary said...

Close ups of Nicole bracelets:
part 1
and part 2

el waro said...

Hi how you doing?
im from Argentina i'd like the design of your blog
i send my adress if you like to see my blog

Lena said...

thank you so much Mary, i also checked back and noticed you did a new post on som eof nicole's necklaces and bracelets, your the best keep doing what you do =]

mary said...

Thanks Lena!