Thursday, November 20, 2008

In Nicole's closet: Jenni Kayne

Nicole Richie wears a leopard-print tunic in airy silk-wool voile by Jenni Kayne.
You can buy this tunic from shopbop.


Anonymous said...

Nicole Richie is a useless good for nothing whore and slut. What is her career? Prancing around everyday doing nothing? Or should she just be labelled a drug addict?

Mimi said...

Someone seems a little agitated, or is it jealousy although we should always value others opinions, we shouldn't have to criticize people for their past mistakes, judging people is wrong. It may seem like Nicole has no career, well you're wrong, she has a jewelry line, she's a mother, and actress. That's more than what I can say about you.
Don't let that creep bother you Mary, I have your back and I adore your blog! ♥

xo xo

lani said...

wow! someone really hates nicole, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion i guess, even though i find it odd that they would come all the way onto a nicole richie fan site to express their hatred.

Anyways Mary, i know you didn't like this top, but i absolutely adored it!

Could you possible find out what sunglasses she is wearing and let us know if you find them, i really want them!

mary said...

You are so right, Mimi!
Nicole is a very talented actress and singer, not just a celebrity with a great style.
Lani, I still haven't found who designed Nicole's sunnies, but I'm on the hunt.

Mimi said...

Haven't been online in a while work has been crazy but I will never forget to give you your props :]