Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Charlotte Greatest Remixes album release

Nicole Richie attends the Good Charlotte release party of their Greatest Remixes album, on November 22.
She looks great from what I can see. I hope we get to see more pics.

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Lena said...

OOOHHhhh i really like the orange dress w/ is it a black cardigan? i dunno but it really takes me back to the days when she had vintage pucci scarves and really colorful bright accessories balanced out with black things, staples in her closest. ahh i love her style <3 I wish you could find cheaper versions of some of her accessories cause they are the cutest. I know on they do some nicole richie inspired clothes along with this faux leather bracelet that nicole used to wear a lot (dunno if she still does)

mary said...

I'll try to find some cheaper versions