Saturday, October 25, 2008

Who wore Christian Dior better?

Carrie Bradshaw rocked out these Christian Dior Extreme sandals in "Sex and the city: The movie". ET Online reported that Sarah Jessica Parker went through almost 81 wardrobe changes for the movie and wore the Christian Dior shoes a stunning 5% of the film.
Nicole Richie wore the same shoes at the Breeders’ Cup Winners Circle Gala this week.


Anonymous said...

Nicole wore tham better all the way. the flower's too distracting for carrie, i barely noticed the shoes!
Whew I just visited your blog after a small break from the computer and wow Nicole has been getting quite a lot of publicity, good thing too i adore her. She is my style inspiration, you know what would be really coool? if you did a post about nicole's essentials so like scarves, big flasses, camisoles/babydoll/tops etc. and gave a bunch of iamge references, that'd be awesome =]

The Stiletto Effect said...

I prefer "Carrie" :)

mary said...

Good idea, I'll do a post about Nicole's essentials