Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nicole in Star magazine

According to Star magazine Nicole Richie flipped out when she heard that Joel was hanging out with Mischa Barton. Star claims Nicole and Joel's relashionship isn’t over, but Nicole needs things to change.
I don't believe this because they have made the same story with Mary Kate Olsen and Lindsay Lohan.
For months they'd been fighting over everything from marriage to moving, but Nicole and Joel's strained relationship hit a new low when, during yet another battle, she screamed at him, "We're through," and fled to her mother's home, taking their daughter, Harlow, with her, a friend tells Star. Although Nicole returned the next day, "This was her way of sending Joel a message," says the pal. "Nicole loves him, but things need to change." Days after their big blowup, things were no better, so Nicole once again walked out on Joel - jetting to New York City, with Harlow in tow, for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. She wasn't alone for long. Joel followed her to the Big Apple, and the quarrelsome couple made a brief yet disastrous appearance at the Charlotte Ronson afterparty at Country Club on Sept. 6. "She was just in a miserable mood, and there was obvious tension," an eyewitness tells Star. "I didn't see her talk to Joel the entire night, and it seemed like he was avoiding her too. Nicole was just so angry!"

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Mimi said...

I dont believe this article, STAR magazine to me is a joke... I never even give it a second look when I buy my fash mags. I think Nicole and Joel are adorable together and it seems like they're trying to pair Joel with all of Nicole's friends... Next thing you know it will be Lauren Conrad.. Or Carlos Lopez!