Sunday, September 14, 2008

News - Nicole goes Kanye West on a tourist

According to Ny Post's Page Six Nicole had a confrontation with a Swedish tourist during New York Fashion Week. A witness told that Nicole kind of lost it and went Kanye West on the tourist's butt.
"Nicole Richie kicked off the diva fits at an after-party for Charlotte Ronson by grabbing a fan's camera and smashing it to the ground. While Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson were celebrating at Country Club on West 14th Street with host Alan Philips of Sky Group, Richie left early at 11 p.m.
As she walked out, "a young, Swedish tourist was trying to take her photo," said one witness. Richie shouted, "I'm not an animal" then "jumped over the velvet rope, ripped the camera out of the girl's hand, and smashed it to the ground." Reps for Richie didn't reply to Page Six."
That doesn’t seem like Nicole, but the truth is always hard to take. Maybe she was just having a bad night or something.
Nicole and Kanye West at New York Fashion Week

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Anonymous said...

that does NOT sound like Nicole