Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nicole Richie's boho braids

Here's a video via whowhatweardaily that will help you get Nicole Richie's braided headband:

Nicole's boho braids


Rosmary said...

Wow this was reallyy helpful. i love all your blogs.
thank you for posting this.

Sandra said...

I am not sure if boho braids is the one of the hottest element in 2008-2009 hair trend, but it is definitely getting more popular in the celebrity group. Celebrities like Rachel Bilson,Gwen Stefani,Mary-Kate Olsen are carrying on the braids trend too! Personally I always like the braids look on Sienna Miller when she attended the Oscar in 2005. She is actually the first celebrities that bring up the braids look, while I think Nicole Richie did a great job of bringing it back and she actually looks great in braids too!